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Building an rc chopper and have a question to do with damping vibrarions

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    I have already built most of the chopper but am trying to add an accelerometer. Let's say the blade is rotating at 600rpm, this is causing vibrations throughout the vehicle at 10hz. I want to make a compartment which doesnt feel most of these vibrations. I'm thinking of building something using springs. Here's the idea drawn out in paint http://imgur.com/koLyO.png

    The problem is, i don't know enough math to calculate the optimal k value for these springs. I have taken a couple years of physics and calc but it doesn't really help me.

    How do I find the optimal k value for the springs assuming the mass is m and 1cm by 1cm by 1cm. The container will be 3cm by 3cm by 3cm.

    note: All the springs are the same and have the same length and k value. In the above example, they would all be of length sqrt(1^2+1^2+1^2)=sqrt(3)

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    Have you modeled the problem to any specified equations that you like us to look into?
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