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Built-In Server-to-Server Connectability (?)

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    "Built-In" Server-to-Server Connectability (?)

    I will try to ask this question coherently.

    I am required to connect to a remote destination server from a fixed IP address. However, my computer is mobile and calls from various access points with differing IP addresses. So the solution I have selected is to set up an intermediary server with a fixed IP address that allows me (the client) to connect from any IP address and instruct the intermediary server to call the destination server with my username and password. I am testing this setup using telnet. For example, I transmit "telnet intermediaryserver.com 80" and I am connected to the intermediary server on port 80.

    The question is what do I do on the intermediary server? Is there built-in functionality on the server that allows this with commands? Does this function reside in Windows, Linux, or Apache servers?
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    Re: "Built-In" Server-to-Server Connectability (?)

    You could just do telnet again to the final destination.
    Although ssh would be safer and would remove the need for the fixed ip (assuming that is for security) ssh has key exchange to ensure your machine is the one the server expects.

    You can do ssh port forwarding to allow telnet (or other protoocls) to go tunnel over ssh but look like telnet at the remote end.
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    Re: "Built-In" Server-to-Server Connectability (?)

    Thanks mgb! From my preliminary reading, ssh port forwarding is exactly what I was looking for. (It appears that the ssh client is built into newer versions of linux, so I just need to make sure the web host I choose includes the ssh client, and permissions to access it.)

    Does ssh have built-in password protection?
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    Re: "Built-In" Server-to-Server Connectability (?)

    Not sure what you mean by password protection.
    You can either enter passwords for each login or use shared keys - either way all the traffic is strongly encrypted. Creating the keys for the first time is a bit tricky if you aren't familiar with the terms but there are lots of tutorials.
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    Re: "Built-In" Server-to-Server Connectability (?)

    Oh, the intermediate server and the destination server are both SSL. Would that mess with the ssh encryptation?
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