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I installed SQL Server in Win10...Without Config Manager?

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    [I cannot find my SQL Server Configuration Manager]
    Hi, I have installed both SQL Server Express 2017 and SQL Server Developer 2017 (Separately; not one as a Default or Otherwise Instance) , and they have both run without any major problem. Issue now is that I want to allow a remote connection ( I always ran both as local machines) which requires me to ( among other things) enable TCP/IP . But in order to do that I must use the Configuration Manager, which I cannot find my SQL Server Configuration Manager. Is it possible to download it as a stand-alone into SQL Server ( Through Management Studio, say), or do I have to uninstall the whole SQL Server? I don't know anything about Visual Studio which may be another option. I thought Config Manager would install itself automatically but it seems that is not the case.
    Any ideas, suggestions, please?
    EDIT: My apologies, tunnel vision .
    New Question: I am wondering if it would better to install it in the MSSQL Folder in Program Files?
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    Do you know how to allow remote connections through your router? How are you going to keep this secure?
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    Sorry, that wasn't very helpful. What I should have said is that the easiest way to get a SQL Server installation running is to use a cloud service such as Microsoft Azure.
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