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Bullet from a moving train kinda

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    im missing something that probably would be covered in a basic physics class, bat alas i have had no prior courses.

    say you have an E-bomb, armed, but not detonated yet. you are on a moving ship cruising at 99.99% the speed of light. you throw the bomb ahead of the ship and detonate it. would the electrons accelerated, from the blast, going in the same direction as your ship turn to energy? that is if they actually achieve light speed.
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    Doesn't an e-Bomb just mess with electricity and power?...

    I've probably mistaken this with something else though...
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    main idea: causing an object to reach light speed. result?
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    Doc Al

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    They won't. As seen from the frame that sees your ship move at 99.99% the speed of light, the electrons will have even more KE than from the ship frame, but nothing will move at the speed of light. Pretty close though!
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    why? sorry for asking :C
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    Attain the speed of light ? !

    Possibly NO

    But the situation of the electrons at the time of their ignition, they may get very closed to that of the speed of light
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