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By definition the space time fabric must have mass.

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    Hello all,

    My post involves the unexpected continued expansion of the universe. As if matter is being accelerated by some means of unknown repulsion.

    Let us assume that current space time theory is correct. And that there is a "fabric" of space.
    We are all familiar with the grid representation of space time with a gravity source acting as a dimple.

    Now let us consider the big bang. All matter and energy is condensed in a practically infinite
    singularity. So, at this point even space time does not exist outside of this singularity.

    Now, in one instant this singularity erupts all space time matter and energy into the universe.
    This means that the actual "fabric" of space time is also created. Would not this space time
    creation result in a wave of creation. A wave that would force matter from its source and continue to propagate.
    Hence, as the space time fabric is created it would actually pull matter and energy further from source.

    So, instead of dark matter, it is the "mass" of the immense expanse of space time that should fill these equations.
    Looking at it a different way, if space time is warped by gravity, then it must have mass.

    Your thoughts?

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    How would you define the mass of "space time"
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