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[C++] Similar method of bitconverter -- ToInt16

  1. Dec 15, 2014 #1
    In C#,
    byte[] tail={.....}
    short reader = BitConverter.ToInt16(tail, 4);
    which is to convert 2 bytes 4 and 5 to a short value.
    I'd like to do this in C++
    So I do

    char tail[]={...}
    short reader=toInt16(tail,4);
    short toInt16(char*tail,int index)
        int n=index;
        int m=n+1;
        string s(tail[n]);
        return atoi(s.c_str());
    but this is not correct. there is not method to export a short, I consider also the system type (big/little endian) my code must run on. Any help please ... :)
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    Your "tail" bytes are binary, not ASCII. So atoi is the wrong function to use.
    In order to address the big/little-endian issue, you will need to write two functions. I would suggest you create a "BIGENDIAN" definition.

    Code (Text):

    short toInt16(char *tail, int index)
    #if defined(BIGENDIAN)
      return (short)( ((unsigned short)(tail[index])<<8)+(unsigned char)(tail[index+1]) );
      return (short)( ((unsigned short)(tail[index+1])<<8)+(unsigned char)(tail[index]) );
    1) Check out the function htons().
    2) Do you want to check you input parameters "tail" and "index" for validity before using them in the function?
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