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[C] Stupid pointers what the heck is going on here

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    I don't understand how this can be so difficult.
    So I have a [char ** ptr] pointer that stores a list of arguments.
    I'm able to PRINT each of them by doing printf("%s\n", ptr)
    But how the heck do I is strcmp to see if a certain argument is there?
    Apparently I cannot just do [if (strcmp(ptr, 'a') == 0].
    I don't understand what strcmp needs for it to work. Do I need one star? Two stars? Five stars? Why is this so hard?

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    strcmp compares strings (via char* pointers). Your problem is not with ptr but with 'a' which is not a string, but a character. "a" is a string (consisting of one character 'a').
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    Nooo wayyy I've been trying to debug that the whole day!!!
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