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Cable modem so im always connected to the internet

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    anyone on here use msn

    I have have a cable modem so im always connected to the internet ... however when a program like msn is running does it amke it easier for my computer to become infected with a virus
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    When you say "msn," do you mean MSN Messenger?

    - Warren
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    Do you have a router in addition to the modem or just the modem? If you have a router, it will provide a pretty high level of protection (remember to put a password on the setup application...).

    If you don't have a router, you need a good software firewall. WinXP has one (if you have XP), otherwise, download the free version of ZoneAlarm. And, of course, you must have a decent virus scanner running at all times. It used to be that that put quite a strain on your system, but computers are fast enough today for it to not be noticeable.

    I'm not sure about getting viruses through messenger apps. Certainly if you donload programs through them, you are vulnerable, but I don't know if there is another way they make you vulnerable just by being on them.
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    It is VERY VERY VERY easy for you to get viruses through MSN Messenger or any other chat program like that. You need an antivirus program that protects you from messenger viruses.. IE: Avast! AntiVirus.

    Behind a router? great, a software firewall never hurt anybody.
    Not behind a router? lol, go to ZA website immediatly.

    However, I don't use zonealarm anymore because it made my computer blue screen randomly.:grumpy: :grumpy: :grumpy: :grumpy:
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