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Calculate angle of reflection.

  1. Jul 14, 2009 #1
    Hello everyone, I am new here to the physics forums. So for my first post I need some help on this problem from my homework. Here we go:

    A laser beam of wavelength 632.8 nm shines at normal incidence upon the reflective side of a compact disc. The tracks of tiny pits in which information is coded onto the CD are the 160 um apart. For what angle of reflection will the intensity of light be maximum?

    Any help is great appreciate, thank you.
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    Hi EinsteinKid,

    Welcome to PF!



    This should be posted in the Homework Help Section (a moderator will probably move it for you), and posted using the template for homework help threads (which requires you to state the problem, relevant equations, and most importantly, *your attempt* at a solution so far). If you read the forum rules I linked to, you'll see that we don't do your homework for you. We will, however, help set you in the right direction if you aren't getting anywhere with your attempt.
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    sorry about that, I was reading the rules, I knew right away I messed up. THanks for the heads up
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    Doc Al

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