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Calculate failure load on a locking pin

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    I currently need to show that the attached locking pin assembly will not shear or deform under load (total load is 53.5kn, shared over four of these pins)

    Could anyone advise on how to model this as a beam? Cantilever?

    What calculations can I use to prove the pins will not shear or deform to a point where they can not be removed.
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    Simple answer is that pin is a short beam subject to shear loading .

    Difficulty is though that the whole locking arrangement is not very well designed and this means that a much more complicated analysis is needed in order to show that it is safe and that it can can function as required .

    Is this professional work or a student project ?
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    There's no picture of the pin assembly attached to your post. :frown:
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    There was a picture when I answered but now it has gone .
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