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A pin is a device used for fastening objects or material together, and can have three sorts of body: a shaft of a rigid inflexible material meant to be inserted in a slot, groove, or hole (as with pivots, hinges, and jigs); a shaft connected to a head and ending in a sharp tip meant to pierce one or more pieces of soft materials like cloth or paper (the straight or push pin); a single strip of a rigid but flexible material (e.g. a wire) whose length has been folded into parallel prongs in such fashion that the middle length of each curves towards the other so that, when anything is inserted between them, they act as a clamp (e.g. the bobby pin), or two strips of a rigid material bound together by a spring at one end so that, when the spring held open, one can insert some material between the prongs at the other end that, the spring allowed to close, then clamp the inserted material. According to their function, pins can be made of metals (e.g. steel, copper, or brass), wood, or plastic.

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  1. redtree

    I Pin & Spin Groups: Double Covers of Orthogonal & SO Groups

    Pin Groups are the double cover of the Orthogonal Group and Spin Groups are the double cover of the Special Orthogonal Group. Both sets of the double cover are considered to be groups, but it seems that only one of the sets of the double cover actually contains the identity element, which means...
  2. AnonLinear

    B Can Metal Pins Increase Heat Transfer in Concrete Walls?

    I had an idea thinking about heat transfer and how placing water over a hot surface will transfer the heat to the water. It got me thinking, in a case where water could not be an option for a medium could I use metal, which would still have a higher heat transfer to absorb more of the heat...
  3. link223

    Forces acting on a Walking Beam (oil rig pump) from a pivot pin

    So.. question: - How do I know that only the pin is at work at E and not those 2 beams? my guess: It is because those 2 beams are connected to the pin whilst the pin is the one that exerts a force on that walking beam DEF?
  4. Next_Of_Kintetic

    How can I reroute multiple signals from a 4 pin connector using a relay switch?

    Hi, First off, I want to say that I'm basically a noob when it comes to electrical engineering; I have some knowledge and took an intro to robotics course in college, but if I knew the answer to this question, then I wouldn't be here asking haha. So here it is: From what I know, relay...
  5. M

    Engineering Statics question about FBD of a backhoe (w/ pin reactions)

    So, for the link "AB"...they didn't directly list the pin reactions from pin "A" here, but I want to be sure that I understand what those reactions are. So, from what I see in this image, the member is pushing at the pin "A" (red arrow) because otherwise, the bucket would want to rotate...
  6. moriah

    XLR Port Negative Pin: ZRL & Ground Explained

    Is zero reference level synonymous with the return path of a current, i.e., the negative wire? If so, where a ZRL is being used by a circuit, is the ground pin and the negative pin in a XLR port the same thing?
  7. A

    Heat Transfer Through Cylindrical Nuclear Fuel Pin

    Let's say we have a cylindrical fuel pin with fissile material in the middle, followed by a gas gap and cladding material. It is being cooled by water on the outside. The temperature drop through the fissile material should be parabolic due to heat generation, and the temperature drops through...
  8. J

    Inclined plane FBD for latch mechanism

    I apologize if this is the wrong area to post this in, I've never posted on thisforum before. I'm trying to form a FBD of a mechanism that uses linear motion to actuate a pin in a transverse direction. I've attached the general idea in a picture where the pin is free to move up and down. In...
  9. Stephen Bulking

    Identifying Pin Joints & Rollers - Structural Analysis Homework Help

    Summary:: I am doing my structural analysis homework and I can't seem to identify between pin joint and roller. Please take a look at the following exercises and help me understand: 1) In exercise 6.87, the joint at C is a pin joint whereas in exercise 5.63 the joints at the casters are...
  10. E

    I Where Can I Find Germanium PIN Photodiodes for Sale?

    I am looking for a company that sells germanium PIN-type photodiodes. For some reason, I only found a small number of companies that sell PN-type germanium.
  11. I

    How can I calculate the bending moment of a pin in double shear?

    I have attached an Excel-worksheet in which the problem should be clearified. The problem concerns the calculation of the bending moment acting in a pin in double shear, experiencing a certain load from a hydraulic cylinder. The plate thicknesses should be taken into account. Specifications and...
  12. P

    How to calculate the failure point of a pin

    Hi, I have a device I'm suspending from a chain and the chain attaches to the body with a pin. I'm curious how you would calculate how much weight a pin like that could take before failing. There is a block on the body and a bar on the end of the chain that slots into the block and the pin goes...
  13. D

    PIN photodiode forward bias capacitance

    Hello! I've done tons of research on a problem and can't seem to figure something out. I'm looking at operating a photovoltaic PIN photodiode. Since it's operating in photovoltaic mode, it will produce a current when light hits it, and this will produce a forward voltage. I've researched...
  14. M

    Force on a pin from a pendulum and a string

    1. Determine the velocity of the ball when it is 30degrees from the horizontal: U1 = mgh = mg(0.8m) U2 = mgh = mg(0.4+0.4cos(30)) = mg(.74641) ΔU = U2 - U1 = mg(.74641 - .8) = mg(-0.051433) T1 =0 T2 = 0.5mv^2 ΔT = T2 - T1 = 0.5mv^2 ΔU = ΔT mg(-0.051433) = 0.5mv^2 ====> v = 1.025394 2. Use...
  15. J

    MHB Guessing a three digit pin code from an 8 key keypad

    Hello, the problem is as follows. I'm not sure if it is a permutation or combination problem. It says if a thief steals and ATM card and must randomly guess the correct three digit pin code from an 8 key keypad. Repetition of digits is allowed. What is the probability of a correct guess on the...
  16. X

    Column buckling in a pin jointed structure

    << Mentor Note -- thread moved from the schoolwork forums to the ME forum because it's more of a general question >> Hi, in these column bucking notes (photo attached below) it says that bar BC will buckle first out of all the other bars in compression, but it does not explain why. I know it...
  17. avner yakov

    What the difference between pin and pn diodes i-v curve?

    For my understanding there should be no big difference in i-v curve between regular p-n junction and p-i-n junction, the only difference i can think about is do to the bigger resistance of the intrinsic layer. The curve should look the same only the current will rise little bit slower, because...
  18. M

    Pin in Double Shear (Mechanics of Materials)

    Homework Statement Knowing the left lug is carrying 10,000 lbs, determine the loads P1 and P2 in the lugs on the opposite side of the pin. Homework Equations Force Balance (ΣF=0) Another equation needed The Attempt at a Solution 10000 = P1 + P2 This is where I need another equation to...
  19. B

    A Interface states in a PIN diode

    Is the equation used to determine the density of interface states in schottky diodes from capacitance- frequency data applicable to PIN junctions?
  20. P

    (Weightlifting Machine) Weight stack pin design problem

    Hi and thanks if you decide to go through this post. As part of a school project I'm analysing a weight stack selector pin used in various fitness training equipment. Its material, length and diameter are known. 1. Homework Statement The pin is placed into a hole equal to its length (from the...
  21. G

    What happens when 12V and GND are both connected to the GND pin?

    I would like to know what will happen when i accidentally connected a 12v and GND to a 4 pin molex, in its GND pin. The picture is the example of the 12v 4 pins connector. I accidentally plug my 12v and gnd wire to the respective pin 1 and 2 of the ATX connector. Will it cause my circuit board...
  22. F

    Pin A & C: Why No Y Component in Solution Manual?

    Homework Statement Pin A and C are the same, however in the solution manual it shows that C does not have a y component. Why is that? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  23. J

    Small bearing or low-friction "pin" to assemble t-slot frame

    Howdy folks I have to say up-front, that I am not an ME by trade. My background is in EE. So, I apologize in advance if I accidentally make my question confusing. I need to join a couple of these...
  24. adamaero

    Red (power: pin 2) wire for servo motor not connected

    Why is the red (power: pin 2) wire for the servo motor not connected to anything in this circuit? https://github.com/samyk/combobreaker/blob/master/Eagle Files/ComboBreaker_top.pngAlso, on the "bottom" schematic, the ground is connected to the feedback (potentiometer wiper) line...
  25. H

    Locking Mechanism reducing load on locking pin

    Hi, I wanted to make a locking mechanism. The problem was the forces on the actuator (solenoid in this case) where getting too high In image 2, the wedge shaped lock plate was exerting too much force on the actuator, which would unlock and could potentially break the actuator. Or I would have...
  26. M

    Mis-matched pin count error in ltspice

    Hi. I have a simple circuit with a third-part model. As far as I can tell using info from the internet I have everything correct, but I still get this problem. Please help me clear this log-jam, thanks!
  27. nothing909

    Pin configuration & Internal block diagram of an optocoupler

    Homework Statement In that pin configuration, what does the triangle and rectangle in the middle represent?
  28. P

    Neutron flux in coolant and fuel pin in PWR

    In PWR, fast neutron produced from fission in fuel has been moderated into thermal neutron by the a series of collisiion with coolant,i.e. H2O. So the multi-group neutron flux in coolant and fuel pin has much diffenrce, e.g. the relative higher fast neutron in fuel pin and relative higher...
  29. M

    FEA Results Interpretation for a Pin Support

    Greetings to all, I am doing FEA analysis of a jib crane. I am using Autodesk Inventor. The results show that the max Von Mises stress in the support pin is 773 MPa. This value exceeds the yield strength of the Carbon Steel. Does this mean that the Pin will fail under load ?
  30. C

    Gradient at roller and pin support

    Homework Statement in the notes , why did the author only stated that zero displacement occur at pin and roller support? Why the author didnt stated that the slope at pin and roller support is also = 0 ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution As we can see from the figure, the gradient...
  31. R

    Calculating Minimum Diameter for Steel Pin w/ Partial Uniform Load

    I'm a bit rusty on partial uniform loading on a pin. I want to find the minimum diameter a cold rolled steel pin has to be using a factor of safety of 2 with a loading of 25000 lbs. The pin in the picture is welded between two plates (the right plate bends in and is welded to the left plate...
  32. teroenza

    Reference Pin on Differential Amplifier

    I want to use a differential amplifier to separate the digital and analog ground portions of a circuit, but am not confident in my understanding of the datasheet of the amps I have on hand (amp03). http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/AMP03.pdf I think that...
  33. E

    Calculate failure load on a locking pin

    I currently need to show that the attached locking pin assembly will not shear or deform under load (total load is 53.5kn, shared over four of these pins) Could anyone advise on how to model this as a beam? Cantilever? What calculations can I use to prove the pins will not shear or deform to a...
  34. M

    OrCad Capture CIS -- Unconnected pin, no FLOAT property or FLOAT = e

    Hello everyone! I am new in OrCad Capture Cis and apparently lack in fundamental knowledge. I have created this circuit so far but it appears that something (or everything) is wrong. The error is "Unconnected pin, no FLOAT property or FLOAT = e" in several parts of the circuit. Your answers will...
  35. G

    Bearing Stress of Hollow Tube w/ Pin & Force

    For a hollow tube inside a hollow tube, with a pin passing through both and a force pushing down on the innermost tube, what would the bearing stress be on the holes (assuming tube wall thickness is equal)? Would the equivalent reaction force be F/4 since the pin is passing through 4 holes? So...
  36. P

    Shaft and Pin Size of Slider Crank Mechanism

    Hi all, I am working on a slider crank mechanism for moving an object of about 100 kg back and forth 30 mm at about 600 rpm. I plan to attach the connecting rod onto a flywheel that act as a crank, or attach to a pulley (in case need to use a transmission system to reduce input speed, increase...
  37. A

    Switch Types for Vehicle: 5 Pin & 2 Pin

    Hi, I have two sort of switch one is 5 pin (push type) switch and the other is 2 pin (on/off) type switch for my vehicle. Can I use first one instead of On/Off switch. In continuation, If I have two wires on which any of mentioned switch is to be applied, then How can I use 5 pin switch on that...
  38. G

    Is There a Reaction at C in this Moment Equation?

    Homework Statement I'm asked to find the W and I was told that the rope at C is in tension , there is reaction at B , my question is , is there any reaction at C ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  39. mrtoodles

    Reaction forces in a pin jointed frame

    This is the question: http://i.imgur.com/Ex2Yx4l.png I have calculated all the angles in the frame, and have drawn line of forces so that the reaction force at x, reaction force at y, and the 10KN meet up. From then I am stuck, and don't know how to find the angle theta...
  40. G

    Why does a pin support only have reactions towards the pin?

    Homework Statement why the reaction of pin is only acted towards the pin ( the horizontal of reaction of the force is directed to the left , whereas the the vertical component is acted upwards ) , why can't the horizontal of reaction of the force is directed to the right , whereas the the...
  41. J

    Effective area for compression versus tension of a link?

    I solved the equilibrium equations and found that link BD is in tension while link CE is in compression, but my resulting answers for normal stress were wrong. The solutions show that the cross area to be used for normal stress at links BD and CE should be different. Link BD should incorporate...
  42. W

    Free body diagram of pin support and cable

    Homework Statement A) Draw a free body B) determine the tension in rope A and the reactions in B. Homework Equations [/B] Standard equilibrium equations The Attempt at a Solution My free body shows a collinear force T through the rope, the given downward force at 5ft, and then a Bx and By...
  43. Anama Skout

    A juggler throws a bowling pin straight up in the air....

    Homework Statement A juggler throws a bowling pin straight up in the air. After the pin leaves his hand and while it is in the air, which statement is true? (a) The velocity of the pin is always in the same direction as its acceleration. (b) The velocity of the pin is never in the same...
  44. S

    Statics problem -- Frame supported by pin connections....

    Problem is here, http://s24.postimg.org/3y6wpyncl/frame.png I'm looking at this problem with the top and bottom beams being separate members and doing a FBD of both separately. However I'm unsure about the points where we have tension/compression. Like at point B, do I include a y component...
  45. T

    Scaling up the nucleus to the size of a pin.

    Homework Statement If the size of the nucleus ( in the range of 10-15m to 10-14m) is scaled up to the tip of a sharp pin, what roughly is the size of an atom ? Assume the tip of the pin to be in the range 10-5m to 10-4m Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution It's scaled up by a...
  46. B

    Double shear pin for the snow blower

    Snow blower Stanley SS30 Type :Dual Stage Maximum RPM: 3600 Torque : 21.56 Nm Impeller Diameter :16" inch Auger Diameter:16" inch CC: 302 Tire Size : 16" * 6.5 I do not know the gear ratio : if assume its 12:1 Gear output torque will be 258.72 Nm Homework Equations Assume the Shaft diameter =...
  47. C

    Does Angling a pin support on a truss change anything?

    Homework Statement If you had a simple 2D truss with a pin and a roller support, would making the pin on a 30 degree incline change the supporting reactions? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Can't see why since it still supports a horizontal and vertical, don't know hwy the angle...
  48. K

    How can I replicate conditions on pin on disc test

    Hello, I need to replicate the conditions of a clutch on a pin on disc tribometer to measure the coefficient of friction. However the tribometer I have access to can't spin faster than 1000 RPM. The clutch will reach speeds from 3000 RPM to 9000 RPM. I calculated the normal force required on...
  49. hdp12

    Given Moment about a Pin and a Roller

    Homework Statement For my statics homework, we are directed to: Draw the free body diagram and use the force and moment equilibrium to determine the support reactions for the following systems I'm having a bunch of trouble with problem 4.10, which is displayed in the following picture I'm...
  50. F

    Is this possible? Omnidirectional Load Pin

    Please take a look at the attached diagram. This is a rough representation of a concept my team and I would like to implement in a project. Initial research suggests that such pin-based weighing systems are strictly unidirectional (i.e the basic clevis pin loan cells). Our platform rotates while...