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Calculate the mass of steam condensed!

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    A jet of steam @ 100 degrees Celsius is directed into a hole in a large block of ice. After the steam has switched off, the condensed steam and melted ice are both a 0 degrees Celsius. The mass of water collected is 206 g. Calculate the mass of steam condensed.
    Specific heat capacity of water is 4200
    Specific heat capacity of ice is 2100
    Latent heat of fusion is 330
    Latent heat of vaporization is 2260
    I keep on getting 68.5g as an answer but apparently it is 22.6g
    Please help me with showing the steps.
    Thank you
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    Those figures on heat are a bit misleading.
    I think some of them refer to the number of Joules to change 1 kilogram by 1 degree, while others refer to how many Joules are needed to melt/vaporise on 1 gram of material.
    What temperature did the ice start at?
    Did you allow for the fact that once the steam condenses, it then has to cool from 100 to 0.
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