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Calculate total destruction OF NUCLEAR BOMB

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    i need to calculate the volume of total destruction of a nuclear bomb

    its like here

    what formula i need to use to calculate area of total destruction
    zar bomb already has some infos : 50MT tnt = 35km total destruction (detonation height 4km nn)

    formula must be complicated enough that i didnt found it on google, and i know that nuclear services of those countries that have nuclear weapons have experts which calculate its power precisely and i need only approximating formula

    how much MT TNT does a bomb need (with usual construction circumstances(usual material which is used for nuclear bomb, like zar bomb/trinity)) to reach a total destruction of 150km in diameter?

    if i calculate it my way then it wouldnt be correct

    how much TNT for 150km of TOTAL DESTRUCTION

    (i give u software for not commenting on my writing style)
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    Better to use smart weapon with non nuclear warhead might to kill only bad guys.
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    Here is a description of the Tzar Bomba test

    One comment indicates a destructive radius of ~34 mi (~54 km), or a diameter of 68 mi (~108 km). The bomb yield was apparently reduced to reduce fallout. So apparently, if it had been constructed as orginially designed, it's destructive range would have increased.

    What is the point of determining a yield of a larger bomb? It seems rather impractical.
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    That's right, but the matter is the target located on that hitting point or no
    I never heard for last years that Western allies’ countries (NATO, etc.) are developing now new nukes. I think this is because existing nuke weapons answer their demands.
    But at the same time they actively develop very accurate weapons with conventional warheads.
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