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Calculating angular acceleration and translating to force

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    Hi there
    I need some help in calculating the force created by angular motion.
    I am designing a wheelie bar for my motorcycle and need to know what force the design must be able to handle.
    I have attached a simple sketch of the design.
    Taking into account; torque produced by the engine, bike-rider mass, position of center of mass...How would I go about calculating the force induced by angular motion about the rear wheel center as the wheelie bar hits the ground?

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    Do you want to know how much torque it would take to lift the front tire of your bike off the ground .
    If you watch this video in like the first 10 minutes he talks about rotating cylinders and torque and moment of inertia , and relating angular acceleration to linear acceleration and relating it to force. And it will probably help you figure it out ,
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