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Homework Help: Calculating errors (propagation)

  1. Sep 29, 2011 #1
    Completely new to the concept of errors and don't know how to approach this...

    Calculate value and error in Z

    Z= 2AB^2/C

    A= 100 Error in A= +/- 0.1
    B= 0.1 Error in B= +/- 0.005
    C= 50 Error in C= +/- 2

    Plugging in the numbers Z= 0.04

    How do you carry the errors over into the equation? I think the answer is suppose to look like (0.04 +/-X.XX)..

    Thanks for any help..
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    As I understand it, the error is simply the widest possible range the value of Z could have. This is all I will say.
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