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Calculating G from landing Aircraft

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    Hopefully I have posted this in the correct section;

    Can anyone help with the equation(s) & assumptions required to specifically calculate the landing G load of a modern jet aircraft.

    I'm trying to calculate the G deceleration rate of an aircraft on landing based on the initial vertical descent rate on landing in feet per minute. For example a typical jet aircraft landing would give a decent rate around 200 feet per min at impact & a heavy landing would be around 700 feet per minute at impact so I want to find out the G load of the two.

    Typical landing weight of 55,000kg & strut compression around 40cm as an approximation as it will vary with impact force. Also typical speed of 130kts at landing.

    Looking for a simple way to start with decent rate in feet per minute & depending on certain assumptions, still air, strut compression, temperature & other assumptions arrive at the landing G load/impact force

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