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Homework Help: Calculating MC7805 parameters using datasheet

  1. Apr 9, 2015 #1
    I am asked to determine the Line Regulation and Load Regulation based on the attached datasheet, using the test circuit parameters listed there.
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    Line Regulation is defined as ΔVo/ΔVI whereas Load Regulation is defined thus ΔVL/ΔIL, unless I'm mistaken. The datasheet lists VI but what are the values of the various voltage differences required to complete the calculation? Also, what are the values of VL and IL? Are they the values of Vo and Io, respectively?

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    I'd interpret this to be the data you need. You can determine typical regulation, and worst case, over a narrow range and a wide range.

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    I understand how to extract the line regulation and load regulation from the table, but my question was different. I'd like to use the test parameters in the datasheet attached to calculate them (probably using the formulae listed in #1 above). How should THAT be carried out?
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