Calculating microscopic permittivity

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    It has been quite some years since I last used quantum chemistry software.
    Now I would like to use some program which allows the calculation of the microscopic omega and k-dependent dielectric function (tensor) for periodic crystals. Any proposals?
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  3. If you had asked about permeability, I could've told you how to do that from scratch.

    How far down into first principles do you need to go? Are there existing crystal and electronic structure data for your system?
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    Thank you for your answer!
    When you work with a k-dependent dielectric function, magnetic effects are already included.
    I don't have a specific data set yet, I would try out first some known compounds like NaCl or quartz.
  5. I'm looking at my kittel and Ashcroft / Mermin solid state books. There are some nice analytic solutions, though only at some wavelengths.
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    Rather approximations than solutions. I am looking for ab initio methods.
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