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Homework Help: Calculating Steady State Heat Transfer

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    A straight, uniform circular pipe of internal diameter of 88.43 mm and external diameter of 118.38 mm carries hot water at 63.67 deg cel. The pipe has a thermal conductivity of 247 Wm^-1 K^-1.

    how to calculate the steady-state rate of heat transfer per unit length, in W m^-1, when the outside temperature is 30.59 deg cel.

    What I have done so far:-

    Temperature Gradient = (T1-T2)/d, where d is the diff in radius of cylinder = (63.67-30.59)/(0.5*(118-88.43)*0.001) = 2209.015025

    So,heat transfer = 247*3.142*0.08843*2209.015025 = 151581 Wm^-1

    Is the method right?
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