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Homework Help: Calculating the percentage difference.

  1. Sep 4, 2006 #1
    There's a calculation im really stuck on...and im not sure if im doing it properly:
    im working out the percentage difference of netforce and (m1+m2+)a

    so for my net force i have a value of 1.96, and for the (m1+m2)a i have a value of 0.3527 . Im not sure how to work out the percentage difference. So far ive gotten:
    1.96 - 0.352 = 1.608

    =1.608 / 1.96

    = .8204 * 100

    but i dont think this is right?
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    Looks OK - the diff is 82% of the net.
  4. Sep 4, 2006 #3
    hey thanks:)
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