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Homework Help: Calculating the resultant force using vector

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    Please HELP!!!!

    I need help with a question....I don't know how to do it.....can someone please tell me how.
    This question is about calculating the resultant force using vectors.

    There is a parachutist with a 500 N force acting upwards on him and a 1000 N force acting downwards on him. There is also a 300 N force of wind acting towards him at a 45 degree angle. How do I calculate the resultant force on the parachutist?

    thank you for your time
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    So you have:

    Forces in Y:
    500N, 1000N

    The force that act at a certain degree should be expressed in Y and X components:
    If the wind of 300 N comes from below at 45 degree angle:

    X component of the 300 N force: 300 x cos (45) = xxx N
    Y component of the 300 N force: 300 x sin (45) = xxx N

    to calculate the resultants of all forces use pythagoras
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