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Calculating Thermo Properties of Water in Excel

  1. Jun 28, 2014 #1
    Hi - I am currently working on a paper verifying some thermal hydraulic code against experimental test data for subcooled water subchannel flow. I have close to 1000 points in excel all listed with T & P and the process for inputting the corresponding enthalpies for subcooled water by lookup table is dreadfully slow (the code requires the enthalpy - no built in look up table) Does any one have any advice for correlations or calculations I can input to excel to perform the enthalpy calcs? Thank you!
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    I don't understand what you are asking. What exactly takes time (and is it your time or computation time) and how do you want to reduce that?
    Correlations between what, calculations for what, based on what?
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    Perhaps REFPROP would help. It's a database of thermophysical properties that can be accessed by Excel. It has a lot more than water in it, but it's not particularly expensive. Basically, you put a specific code into the cell similar to a lookup function and it brings back some property of the fluid you're looking for such as enthalpy (or density, entropy, etc...). There's a list of properties on the web site.

    You can research it and purchase it online here:
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