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Calculating Turn Radius Change During Bank Angle Change

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    Is there a standard formula for determing the rate of change for an aircraft turn radius, while the aircraft angle of bank (AoB) is also changing? (from 0 degrees AoB - 40 degrees AoB during a turn for example)

    Would aircraft speed play a role in the rate of change for the trun radius under these conditions?

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    If you know the turn radius for a given amont of bank (this clearly involves air speed), then you can easily find the connection between the derivatives of the two quantities. The airspeed will of course influence the relation between bank angle and turn radius. The connection between the derivatives would still be approximately the same.

    A very nice book on flight is "Understanding Flight" by Anderson & Eberhardt.

    EDIT: As a collorary of this, I would expect that for higher airspeed, the max. rate of change of turn radius would be higher than for low airspeeds. This is because at higher air speed, the airplane will be able to change its bank angle faster since the ailerons will be more effective.

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