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Calculus Calculus 1 text book - Need review of precalculus

  1. Sep 26, 2016 #1
    Hi, so I'm taking calculus 1 this year however I haven't taken precalculus in several years. I don't remember any of it, and the textbook of the course doesn't review it at all(they just sample you questions) and I'm having issues solving the precalculus review questions(how necessary is it that I even make sure my precalculus is in tip-top shape? would i get by just fine if i ignore it or what)

    Here is the course description:
    Calculus of functions of one variable and related numerical topics. Derivatives of algebraic, trigonometric and exponential functions. Differentiation techniques and applications of derivatives. Techniques of integration, numerical integration.

    The textbook we're using is Calculus: Early Transcendentals(3rd edition)
    I have shaum's outline Calculus(6th edition) and Calculus for dummies(2nd edition) however none of this outlines the precalculus.
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    You should have a good grasp of all the basic functions you learned in high school: exponentials, logarithms, ttrigonometric... But I don't think you should worry too much with that (trying to be tip-top shape, like you said). You will intuitively review all of that while learning calculus concepts, anyway.
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    Thank the lord, I had remembered I did very poorly in advanced functions however I nailed the intro to calculus course. Quite funny in my eyes
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