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Testing Calculus II Exam points question

  1. Apr 11, 2017 #1
    I wrote a Calc II midterm today. Things went quite well, except for one question. I left it blank, as I did not have sufficient knowledge to write anything that made any sense. The question was worth 10% of the exam mark.

    This question was about a part of a section we covered, but this part had maybe 1 or 2 homework problems on it. I filled about 300-400 double sided pages doing homework and practicing. Of this, maybe 1 side of 1 page was related to this question.

    I understand I should lose marks for not having that answer. But 10% seems very disproportionate.. I would be ok with 4% or something...

    Should I discuss this with my prof? I am not one to complain about exams, but I really feel like this was unfair..

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    Dr Transport

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    your instructor sets the points for each question according to their preferences, arguing about it with them will not get you any points.
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    Ok thanks, soldier on i guess lol..
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