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Homework Help: Calculus Work Rope problem helpp ?

  1. Nov 17, 2012 #1
    Calculus Work Rope problem helpp plzzz!?

    1.) A mountain climber is about to haul up a 50M length of hanging rope. How much work will it take if the rope weighs .624 N/m?

    The Work on the rope is W= integral of 0.624xdx from 0 to 50.

    2) A 5 lb bucket is lifted from the ground into the air by pulling in 20ft of rope at aconstant speed. The rope weighs 0.08lb/ft. How much much work was spend lifting the bucket and rope.

    Just the work on rope = integral of (.08)(20-x)dx from 0 to 20.

    My question is how come the work in question one is not 0.624(50-x), and question to is. When do you use the (L-x)? thank you
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    Re: Calculus Work Rope problem helpp plzzz!?

    1) This should be in homework help
    2) It all depends on how you set up coordinates. Does x=0 at the bottom? Does x=0 at the top? Somewhere inbetween? Is x+ going up? Is x+ going down? Coordinates are a convention, you can set them up HOWEVER you'd like.
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