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Camera allows video streaming but no recording

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    I am looking at an IR camera that can be connected to a PC. The camera can store pictures and can only do video streaming but no video recording...What is the difference? Does it mean that we can view what is going on the camera screen also on the computer screen but not record it as a video?
    I am familiar with streaming in the internet context: instead of first downloading a file before viewing it, we can view it as it is being downloaded.

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    Maybe the camera doesn't have a memory fast or large enough to record videos there? The PC can record videos - if there is no camera software to do it you can run external software capturing the input or (worst case) the screen.
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    The camera has a free software that only allows video streaming, i.e. it shows on the PC screen what is shown on the camera smaller screen.

    To record that, as you say, I need some other type of software. What type of software should I look for? Do you have any example?
    Also, do you think the camera will be able to interact with that external software? The camera is an IR camera. The images pixels will have a color but also an associated temperature value. How is that done, i.e. is the image file actually two files, one for the color and one for the temperature values?

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    If the camera software provides no help at all and if there is also no alternative software to record what the camera is streaming (maybe it is some common format?), then recording the screen is the best you can do. Find your favorite software.

    What you can do depends on the camera and the connection.
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    I learned something today (screen recording software)....

    On a different note, I am about to read up on your LHC article series. Hope you don't mind if I ask basic questions as I read along. Thanks for posting them
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