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Looking for free video editing software for .MOV files.

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    My camera only produce .MOV files. I want to record some demo video that needed higher quality audio than the camera can record. I have AudioBox USB with Studio One software for recording and editing the audio. I need to find a free software that can edit the video by removing the original audio and mix in the high quality audio from the Studio One software.

    Can anyone give me a safe site? there are a lot of free downloads, but I am afraid of malwares.

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    I have personally tried lots of sites without problems. Unfortunately only the following from those I know keep offering transparency when it comes to downloading:

    1. Softpedia
    2. SourceForge

    The others I have tried provide installers of their own (to make money with ads) and make it very hard to get the original download. Barriers of ads that make it easy for one to click on an undesirable place and get malware.

    I know you didn't ask for editing software recommendation, but since I'm here, please allow me to reccomend: mkvmerge

    It comes inside mkvtoolnix. The portable version is okay. Here are the integrity check hashes. Because .MOV supports MPEG-4 and H.264 it may be possible to use this software that doesn't re-encode. It just combines the audio with the video in an mkv container and it can be watched with the highest quality. I personally use it and really like it. :smile: In case you decide to use it, the executable is named mmg (so you can find it, because it isn't under the label mkvmerge).
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    Thanks for your help. The audio file the AudioBox USB and Studio One software produce is .SONG. Does the software support this?
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    I don't think so. You would need to export it with Studio One to: mp3, wav, flac, or any other common format. All you need is to make sure the export settings (if there are any settings) to be as looseless as possible. I recommend FLAC format, but if the output file is too big then WAV will do it.
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    I have never used Studio One, but I found a video explaining how to perform the export:

    It may help.
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