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A Can a demagnetized neodymium magnet be restored?

  1. May 17, 2016 #1
    Can a Neodymium magnet get back it's magnetic properties after being demangnetized?

    Say that there is a Neodymium magnet(Nd-Fe-B) that has been demagnetized(turned paramagnetic) at a temperature higher than its curie temperature.

    If I extract the demagnetized Neodymium(Nd) from the magnet(Nd-Fe-B) by dissoving the magnet in an acidic solution and Electrowinning(Electro extraction) it, will the extracted Neodymium regain it's ferrous properties?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Neodymium isn't naturally a magnet. What I mean is it doesn't come out of the ground magnetised. You have to turn it into a magnet by putting it into a coil and passing a large current through it. So simply extracting the Neodymium from a demagnetised magnet won't turn it back into a magnet.

    There is no need to extract the Neodymium. You just send the demagnetised magnet back to the factory and put it through the magnetising coil again.
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    You don't need to dissolve the magnet. If you heat the magnet above the Curie point (~310C), apply a magnetic field, and slowly cool the magnet, then you should restore the magnetic properties. It might not be necessary to reach the Curie point, if you apply a strong enough magnetic field.
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    If you do this dissolving, the fact that initially the magnet is demagnetized is irrelevant. Ferromagnetism is a property of the crystal. So by dissolving the crystal the properties will change anyway.

    And Neodymium is paramagnetic so what do you mean by regaining its "ferrous properties"?
    Pure Neodymium is not ferromagnetic, is it?

    What is the purpose of all this, by the way?
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