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Can a Thermocouple's cold junction can be electrically manipulated

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    Can a Thermocouples cold junction can be electrically manipulated.
    Can a Thermocouples cold junction can be electrically mimicked to be a colder one; thus is it possible to make refrigerator out of thermocouples?
    electrons flow from hot to cold junction right ?
    can any one give me link to more detailed theory of thermocouples using electron quantum theory?
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    The effect is known as the Peltier effect. It is a common way to cause cooling using thermocouples...do a search, there should be plenty of information.
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    Camping coolers for food & drink are available, powered via the car's cigarette lighter socket. No moving parts!
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    How about?

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    Can entropy be reversed by electrically manipulating cold junction of thermocouple to a cooler one
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