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B Can all elements, (not including gases) form Ionic Bonds?

  1. Mar 31, 2016 #1
    I've been looking all over the internet, can calcium and iron form an ionic bond, Gold and Radium, Sodium and Tin. If those elements happened to run into eachother.

    Also, another thing I don't understand is why don't the atoms in my hand bond with atoms on the wall when they come into contact.
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    Do you know the definition of an ionic bond?
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    Generally speaking, most chemical reactions have activation barriers: there is a minimum energy required for the chemical reaction to take place. There are molecular bonds to break before new ones can form. Also, a reaction may not be favorable because the energy of the products might be higher than the energy of the reactants.
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    I'm having a hard time getting the wording right for what I'm trying to ask. Basically if possible, if you were to take a single instance of an element, and make it interact with a completely different element would it automatically create a bond between the 2 or are there other things that determine if the elements will bond or not.
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    No, it depends. That has everything to do with the availability or absence of free energy. See @DrClaude's post. Is that the answer you're looking for?
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