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  1. Prabs3257

    Chemistry Ionic equillibrium

    i am having a problem in understanding the question , what will be the volume of hcl ? and how is the reaction gonna take place ? please help me i am stuck on this problem for quite a long time.
  2. B

    Are molecules only held together by Covalent bonds?

    Hi there, I'm studying for IGCSE Chemistry and I'm a little confused with Bonding/Molecules. My textbook says: "Molecules are held together by covalent bonds" I'm a little confused by this as I thought a molecule was formed when two or more atoms (same or different elements) join together...
  3. D

    Ionic versus covalent

    I came here from where replies are no longer allowed. I wanted to reply to suggest a few things: High school students who like chemistry are far smarter than anyone will give them credit for. High...
  4. N

    What is the format for ionic lewis structure w/ resonance?

    Homework Statement I need to draw NH4NO2 which is an ionic compound. 3. The Attempt at a Solution NH4 is fairly straightforward to draw, with one N in the middle and four H surrounding, and no lone pairs. The problem comes with NO2- which is one nitrogen bonded to two oxygens. However, one...
  5. 1

    Balance Chemical Reactions

    Homework Statement Write the balanced chemical reactions in ionic and neutral forms for: i) Enargite leaching by sodium bisulfide in basic solution to form chalcocite and thioarsenate. ii) Oxygen pressure oxidation of As2S5 in acid solution to form scorodite. Assume all sulfide sulfur forms...