Can anyone explain this statement related to tesla's work.?

  1. "Tesla sent electrostatic forces through natural media across a conductor situated in the changing magnetic flux and transferred electrical energy to a wireless receiver"

    Can anyone elaborate this..?Is this employed now..? if no, why..?
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  3. I believe that expression comes from the wikipedia article and other web sites about him. I can't find similar on the web before 2001 or using google books. He's become some kind of god in certain parts of the web and it's hard to tell fact from fiction.

    If you want to know who invented radio there are several contenders and lots of heated debate.
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    That's because Tesla's invention of the web before 2001 was suppressed by the authorities, along with so much else that he did :biggrin:
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    Sounds like utter gobbledegook to me.

    Probably stems from his having successfully shown that you CAN transfer power to a wireless receiver, it's just grossly inefficient. I have read that he once proposed a grid of his wireless stations throughout the country but that detailed analysis showed that stations had to be no more than about a mile apart and building a grid of 1 mile by 1 mile stations throughout the country, plus the transmitting stations, would have cost approximately the gross national product of the entire planet to buy the land and build everything.
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