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Can anyone recommend a good geometry book?

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    Can anyone recommend a good geometry book?
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    Re: Books

    Algebraic geometry by Hartshorne.

    If you want a better answer then you need to specify more. What kind of geometry?? Why do you need it?? What do you know already??
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    Re: Books

    I have never taken a geometry class in my life so I would like to have some sort of knowledge about geometry, and i've heard that geometry is a good subject to have a good understanding in...
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    Re: Books

    As far as "what type of geometry" I am not sure... can you suggest a good place to start?
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    Re: Books

    OK, then I got three books for you

    1) "Geometry" by Serge Lang. This is essentially a high school geometry book done right. It doesn't bother with two column proofs and other silly things. It treats geometry like it should be treated.

    2) "Introduction to Geometry" by Coxeter. Maybe use this as a second book. It's very rich and offers an introduction to many different fields of geometry. It's not an actual textbook though, but more an introduction. Not suitable as first book.

    3) "Elements" by Euclid. The very first geometry book and a standard for over 1000's of years. It is a recommended read to everybody: it develops geometry from scratch. However, you must be aware that there are some errors and omissions (for example coordinate geometry).
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    Re: Books

    Thank you. I was also interested in taking my schools math contest next semester. I will be starting second semeste calculus. Do you know any good books that can prepare me for the types of questions math contests have?
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    Re: Books

    Probably with Euclidian Geometry? I've heard good things about the book by Harold Jacobs.
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