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Can black holes absorb gravity waves?

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    From what I understand, black holes can generate gravity-waves in orbit with each other. But can they absorb them? Since gravity waves travel at the speed of light, I would think that they would not be able to escape BH gravitation. But since they are so massive and powerful, I wonder if they do not have the ability to disrupt a black hole they encounter by virtue of radically distorting the very space of the black hole itself. Could gravity waves be the means through which matter-energy is liberated from black-hole entrapment? Could gravity waves fragment a black hole into multiple pieces, which through mutual gravitation create spatial pockets with low-enough gravity to allow energy and matter to escape, at least for a moment?
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    Yes, no, no, no and no.
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    Well, what would happen, then, if a gravity wave with the strength of a black hole would pass through another black hole of lesser strength?
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