gravity waves

  1. J

    I How do they determine the mass of merging neutron stars from LIGO

    How does one determine/calculate the masses, orbital period, and separation of two merging neutron stars from the characteristics of its gravity wave LIGO signal? And how does this information allow one to calculate the distance to the galaxy that housed the merger? And how can one calculate...
  2. Jezza

    I Boat hull speed

    There is a well known rule of thumb amongst sailors that a boat has a theoretical maximum speed called the hull speed, given by v_h \approx 1.34 \sqrt{L_{wl}}, where LWL is the waterline length of the hull. This so-called rule is pretty much complete rubbish; a boat can overcome this speed with...
  3. A

    B How do I calculate electron acceleration by gravitational waves

    If the amplitude of gravitational waves, frequency of gravitational waves and the vector potential of magnetic field in surrounding of such waves are known then what would be the easiest way to calculate resultant acceleration of electrons? My above question is based on the various researches...
  4. Piranha Butch

    B Gravitational waves what happens in between?

    Hi when i found out about the presence of gravity waves, i first thought 'what happens if they were to be reversed' and then i thought 'what happens to space time in between these waves?' thanks
  5. T

    Stargazing New Radio Telescope is World's Largest

    World's largest radiotelescope just completed.
  6. S

    I Gravitational Waves Vs. Aether Wind

    The Michelson-Morley Experiment (as depicted in the scishow YouTube video "The Greatest Failed Experiment Ever") which was used to test for the effects of 'Aether Wind' appears to be almost, if not completely, the same setup as the one used in a gravitational-wave observatory. Why is the success...
  7. EnumaElish

    I Does non-gravitational acceleration produce waves?

    In view of the observational equivalence of gravity and acceleration, does acceleration produce ripples in spacetime, similar to gravity waves?
  8. Bmaxwell

    Going to see LIGO in Louisiana Saturday

    I'm a structural engineer in Mississippi and I love all aspects of cosmology. I want to learn all I can about gravity wave technology. I was not expecting the level of detail that a single event is revealing. It's very interesting that they expect to see gravity waves from objects other than...
  9. .Scott

    Pulling 5% of mass from 2 black holes in a second

    OK, in solar mass terms, 29+36=62 with 3 left over. Or make that 3 left out. This is a little-advertised mechanism for pulling mass from a black hole. And, since the output is gravity waves, it doesn't seem to be directly related to Hawking Radiation. Somehow intense gravity can scoop out...
  10. Mark Harder

    Speed of gravity waves

    Many popular accounts claim that gravity waves move at the speed of light. Now, I know 2 things: Special relativity says their speed cannot be greater than the speed of light in a vacuum. Gravity is a different fundamental force than the electromagnetic force. The same goes for their fields...
  11. I

    Gravity Waves and Superposition?

    So I heard the news today about gravity waves being confirmed. I really like learning about all the different types of waves and would like to expand my knowledge on gravitational waves. So, do gravitational waves abide by the superposition principle/property??? Does anyone suggest a website...
  12. bcrowell

    Dispersion of gravitational waves

    The LIGO paper puts limits on the dispersion of gravitational waves, which can be interpreted as an upper limit of 10^-22 eV on the mass of the graviton. We all know that low-amplitude gravitational waves are supposed to propagate at c according to the...
  13. U

    Gravity wave cancellation cause space expansion?

    Is it possible that the increased acceleration of the universe could be caused by the cancellation of gravity waves? If not, what would be the impact on space-time when gravity waves do cancel out?
  14. magi

    B Extreme gravity waves

    -- Hi. When a gravity wave pass earth then the time goes a little faster and/or slower. Can there be a phenomenon in the universe that create a gravity wave that is so curved, that when it pass earth, the time stop or go infinitely fast? Regards Magi --
  15. M

    Do gravity waves really exist? If so what is their frequency?

    I got one solution for an simple ode that involving gravity wave frequency . Before going further I have to understand more about gravity wave . So I need your help guys ...........
  16. H

    Detecting Gravity Waves

    Just watched Intersteller and my mind started running wild with all sort of fun thoughts. So I'm not sure how serious of a questions this is, but I got to thinking if it's possible to use gravity waves as a form of communication. And in turn, started wondering how said waves could be detected...
  17. V

    Propagation of gravitational waves

    Stumbled upon this problem lately. Maybe someone could help me clarify some subtleties I do not see? 1. Consider the propagation speed ##c## of periodic surface of gravity waves with wavelength ##\lambda## and amplitude ##a## in water of depth ##H##. Let ##\rho_{a}## and ##\rho_{w}## be the...
  18. T

    Why does inflation generate gravity waves?

    I've been trying to understand the whole BICEP story. Here's what I think I understand so far: Inflation produces primordial gravitational waves. During recombination, photons decouple from matter and the CMB is formed. Propagating gravity waves stretch space in one direction and squeeze it in...