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Can centripetal/centrifugal force raise itself

  1. Apr 1, 2015 #1
    So my question is, if a laithwaite engine (my attached photo) spins fast enough, will it be able to lift off the ground?

    And if yes, what's the maths to calculate the speed needed to make it lift?

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    In order to be able to lift off, the engine must be capable of producing an aerodynamic effect such that the air pressure is higher under the engine and lower above the engine so we have a net upwards force. This engine by the looks of it isnt capable of producing much of an aerodynamic effect, no matter how fast is spinning.

    To make it more clear, the two "wings" of this engine are raised due to internal forces. Internal forces cant make the engine raise as a whole, you need an external force (such as that from the air due to an aerodynamic effect) to raise the center of mass of the whole engine.
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    No. Sadly Prof. Laithwaite was mistaken.


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