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B Can heating/cooling a material effect absorption, and transmission

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    ... transmission of any electromagnetic radiation.

    I am trying to think of a way for em waves to pass through a solid opaque material, and then while the em waves are INSIDE the material, then some how the electrons absorb the em waves.
    Any em waves that get absorbed by electrons like light would just get absorbed on the surface of any material, as the em waves hit the object, the light waves would never get through the material.

    So if you can imagine a radio wave, or any other em wave that passes through a solid opaque material, if the material was heated, or cooled to a certain point, would this change the energy requirements of the electron voltage of the electrons for the radio waves to absorb, and not transmission the photons, or if radio waves don't have enough electron voltage could another em wave you used work that has a higher eV, which might help better in absortion.

    changing the frequency of any wave or photon once it is transmitted, won't work because the em waves are going to get absorbed on the surface of the material instantly, and not pass through the material.
    So there has to be a way to affect the electrons in a way I hope to absorb the em waves that traverse.

    I am grateful for your help, anything helps even a few words.
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    This looks like a re-post of your other thread...

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