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Can I be an electrical engineer off of a math degree

  1. May 22, 2015 #1
    I'm really interested in electrical engineering but I don't feel it's worth getting a degree in it to get involved it it. Is it self-teachable also I'm more interested in math. I'm 26 and was able to do a couple of calculus problems while staying in a hospital also I was able to calculate a bunch of problems for one algebra 2 problem. But I still want to start from the beginning in case I don't know something like associative property or the multiplicative inverse. I want to know beginning things just in case and there's still things I don't know how to do like fractions etc...

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    No, you can't be an electrical engineer with a math degree.
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    Your question and post makes no rational sense.

    You claim to be "interested" in electrical engineering, but feel that it isn't worth getting a degree in (not sure why!). You also are more interested in math (at least, you think you do since you haven't done a lot of mathematics, really).

    So why the heck does this question even come up?

    And no, you cannot be an engineer with a math degree, no more than you can be surgeon with a math degree.

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    As has already been said, no. A math degree teaches you absolutely nothing about electronics. Do you even understand what electrical engineering IS?
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    You could do a master degree in EE with a math degree, but by itself it wouldn't leave you with the skills required for an EE job.
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    There is no way that you can do either math or EE if you cannot do fractions. You need basic math proficiency before worrying about math vs. EE.

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