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Can I make a heat-based transport pipe?

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    I learned about Tesla's valve and how, without moving parts, it wouldn't be useful enough. But my question is, can I make a pipe with the valve's structure, and only apply heat in order to create flow. I know things follow the path of least resistance, and with a constant addition of heat, I'm thinking it would cause a forward flow 100% of the time. Thoughts?
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    I'm not quite sure I understand your question but..

    Some heating systems use convection to circulate hot water around a house (for example) instead of using a pump. It will keep circulating as long as you keep heating one side and allow heat to escape from the other. Typically these are called "gravity" or "gravity fed" systems. They don't usually need a valve at all (except to isolate parts of the system for repairs).
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    Right. That's essentially what I'm thinking, but to have a radial tesla valve as the hose or pipe. That way gravity or cooling at one end is unnecessary.
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    That won't work. It's not "heat" that drives convection it's "temperature difference". If there is no temperature difference between the two vertical pipes the density of the fluid in each will be the same so there will be nothing driving the circulation through the valve.

    It you have a heater one end and "no cooling" at the other then it might work for awhile, but only for as long as there is a temperature difference. If there is no cooling anywhere the temperature of the system will keep rising until the heater can't put anymore in. At that point the temperature will be uniform and circulation will stop.
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