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Can i work in IT security if I have a SEALED juvenile record of petty theft?

  1. Oct 22, 2014 #1
    Can i work in IT security if I have a sealed juvenile record of petty theft?

    I was 16 when i was caught shoplifting items worth $200 in total. Now 21 and studying Computer Science, I have to choose a concentration of Computer Science to study. i'm wondering if a SEALED juvenile record of pretty theft would prevent me from being able to work in IT security. Could I get a IT security job with private companies, given my sealed juvenile record? Would getting such jobs with the government be impossible or near impossible, since they have access to sealed records (correct me if I am wrong)? Are there any other areas of IT that my sealed juvenile record of petty theft would prevent me from entering?
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    Simon Bridge

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    In the USA huh.
    Prospective employers are not usually made aware of the existence of sealed records unless you have a conviction as an adult.
    But I'm doing this from the outside and details can vary from state to state, and what I know may be too specific.

    Caveat: I am not a lawyer...
    Your college will have some sort of student legal advisor or service - you can check with them.
    I think the NCJJ will be the people to ask for the definitive view - though it is the DCJIS that handles your CORI.
    It's probably a good idea to check exactly what is and is not sealed. Various state and private agencies have whole web-pages dedicated to it.

    Overall, security firms, as any, vary and some are very paranoid - while it is unlikely that any will be interested in juvenile offending enough to actually ask after sealed records, some may. There is no predicting what particular people will want to try to do... but, bear in mind, some security firms may value a bit of offending early on since designing security systems involves being able to think like a criminal somewhat. Short answer: it depends.

    Others here will be able to regale you with stories and anecdotes of their own experiences in this area ;)
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    Thank you very much for your advice. Bringing up the good point (i've never thought of that!) of firms valuing a bit of juvenile offence for their ability to think like criminals really illustrates that it depends.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Security requires a particular mindset. Security professionals -- at least the good ones -- see the world differently. They can't walk into a store without noticing how they might shoplift. They can't use a computer without wondering about the security vulnerabilities. They can't vote without trying to figure out how to vote twice. They just can't help it.
    -- Bruce Schneier

    Also see a blog series "how to break into security":
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    sounds like me heh heh heh. thanks for sharing.
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