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Can intense gravity stop atomic motion ?

  1. Oct 3, 2013 #1
    can intense gravity like this in blackholes stop atomic motion/jiggling ?
    if it does , where does the kinetic energy go ? does it radiate before entering a black hole ?
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    The thing is we don't know.Surely the atomic structure if there even is one anymore is way way different than in ordinary conditions.

    Actually I could say pretty much anything , like that Julius Caesar lives in one of them because you cannot prove me wrong as you cannot look into one , nor is any one of those ever achieved here on earth and studied up close.
    The thing is we have theories , and good guesses nothing more on this one.
    If you ask me personally , I think there has to be motion , energy cannot just disappear in thin air it has to go somewhere and do something , anything beyond that is poetry.

    P.S. Surely the stuff before the event horizon and the radiation that the BH spills as it evaporates is in motion , what is in between I don't know.
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    makes alot of sense, but arent there any theories about it ?
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    Time dilation due to gravity does not steal energy. In the frame of reference of whatever object you are talking about, it is never time dilated and its energy remains constant.
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