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Can mechanic engineer technician become an machanic engineer

  1. Jul 13, 2015 #1
    Right now, I'm working as a water jet and plasma cutter operator.

    I want to go back to college to get a degree on the upcoming semester

    I'm deciding to enroll one of these program

    1.Mechanical Engineering Technician - Industrial

    2.Mechanical Technician - CAD/CAM - Fast Track

    follow by this link if you guys need more course detail



    But, I want to become a Mechanic Engineer. So would it be possible if i take one of these mechanic engineer technician course then transfer my credit to Mechanic Engineer program
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    It depends on the programs. Mechanical engineering technicians usually take a much less math-heavy version of the classes mechanical engineers take, so the MET courses may not transfer and may not build the right foundation for the upper-level ME courses.
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    Very few of us can answer this with any kind of certainty. Transfer policy depends very much on the school and the program. You need to go to that school and inquire. Otherwise, you will get wild guesses on here, and I hate to think you would put any kind of attention to such things.

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    I can say with some certainty that it will take longer (and obviously cost more..) than going straight to a ME degree. After looking at the diploma requirements in your links, there's probably only one or two papers that may cross credit to a ME degree if you're lucky, though, I wouldn't be surprised if none were acceptable.

    I had a classmate who had done a two year diploma (while working) then a ME degree, he was extremely well prepared for ME and excelled but no credits could be transferred so it still took 4 years.
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