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Engineering Quality Engineering or NDT Technician

  1. Sep 23, 2016 #1
    I'm in a dilemma right now. I've a mechanical engineering degree, and I wanted to supplement it with something before I join the work force, so I applied to two programs, Quality engineering post grad diploma, and a Non-Destructive testing technician diploma. Which one do you think has better career prospects? Cons and Pros of each.
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    Generally, technicians work under engineers so a tech. diploma is lower level than the full blown engineering degree you already have so it'll be a step backwards.
    As for whether the quality engineering post grad diploma is worth doing, well, only you can answer that, it depends what your intentions, interests, local job market etc etc are.
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    Thanks for your reply
    The NDT program I applied to, is a one year program, for degree holders. I don't mind doing either one. I'm leaning towards the Quality engineering program, and the job prospects of NDT in Canada seem to be a bit better (source:google), but which one in general would have better career advancement, and would better compliment my degree?
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