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Can reality be defined other than at a point?

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    when i think of a particle standing still, i look at it as if it were moving through time, propagating a wake, the wake representing its information propagation.

    the farther you are from the particle, the longer it will take the wake,travelling at c at its fastest to reach you.

    because alternate realities seems very paradoxical, i have come to the conclusion that reality travels at the speed of light.

    to me there is no other way to view reality.

    if the sun dissappears, we will not recieve that information for 8 minutes. someone might then, in my opinion falsely, conclude that the sun dissapeared 8 minutes ago. however, i firmly believe that 4 minutes ago accoding to us on earth, the sun still existed, and that was our true reality.

    because the closest logical explanation of reality would be "reality is what happens in the universe. particle interactions etc.., i have to believe that reality can only be defined at a point.
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    Define "reality." It is certainly true that information travels no faster than c, but you are using the word "reality" very ambiguously.
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    ^also, is this just a roundabout way of realizing that space and time are connected?
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    basically the idea entities which interact with eachother moving forward in time, tied into the idea of existence.
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    more simply i think of reality as the propagation of information and the effects the information has on other things that exist in the universe.
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    i think my view is congruent with eternalism, and the idea that there is no so thing as simultaneity, and reference and location effectively make your time depend on your location, and that past events cand be considered as real as present or future events.
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    contradicting the view that only the present exists
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