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I Can someone explain this phenomena?

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    Can someone explain? When two charge moving as fast as possible , what force is acting on for blocking to collide.I mean if you think you are not moving and you are looking 2 charge which are moving as fast as to near light speed, they must collide each other if charge is not increasing according to relativity.But if you moving with charges they must move away to each other.Which force is acting for blocking to charges collide? or is it possible to can 2 observer see same event differently?
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    Are you talking about charges of the same sign?
    Why must they collide? Why can they not go about their way without interacting?
    Probably the Coulomb force if the charges have the same sign.
    If the charges collide, all observers will agree that there has been a collision. They will disagree about the time and coordinates of the collision.
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    yes they are same
    because of charges will create magnetic field as i derived formula and they will have much mass when they are moving as fast as near light's speed
    coulumb's force says that same charge push themselves and if you looking at the charge when you the same speed you must see they are not moving so there is no magnetic or gravitational forces.
    actually this is what i want to learn.how is it possible 2 observer can see same event differently without time
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    i wanna say differently this because of the forces they will disagree each other to there is any colliding exists or not
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    No. They will not disagree on that. You can just use the Lienard Wiechert potential in any frame to calculate the result and it will be the same
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