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Can someone recommend me a good Probability and Statistics textbook?

  1. Oct 31, 2014 #1
    I want to take an introductory course on Probability and Statistics but I want a good textbook that has lots of practice problems for this course. Please tell me the name of the textbook, author and edition.
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    DeGroot, M.H. and Schervish, M.J.: Probability and Statistics (Boston: Addison-Wesley, 2012, 4th ed.)
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    Thank you for the info, it was helpful.
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    A First Course in Probabilty ,9th Edition by Sheldon Ross.
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    Thank you for another good textbook, @drake !
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    A Modern Introduction to Probability and Statistics: Understanding Why and How by Dekking, Kraaikamp, Lopuhaa and Meester. What I really like about it personally, is how focused it is on application, the practicality of statistics is shown in its full glory. I also find the quick exercises at the end of each section useful. They let you check if you understand the concept before trying to apply it to more difficult problems.
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