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Can someone resolve an argument over audio amplifier and wiring theory?

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    Hey, I'm sorry to bother you guys but I got a quick question I was hoping you guys could answer.

    I was just hoping someone had a definitive explination as to why a $500 audio amplifier that can put out 200 watts per channel will sound exactly the same as a $10,000 amplifier putting out 200 watts per chanel in relation to how insignificant the specifications are of each amp like ultra low THD and as long as they aren't faulty or clip.

    Debunking tube amplifiers would be amazing.

    Also, if you had any scientific reasoning on why different types of speaker wire mean nothing in relation to $10,000 10 foot wiring that exists.

    If the information could be definitive and irrefutable it'd be much appreciated.

    It'd settle a huge argument, put a rest to things and bring peace lol. :)

    And let me remind you this would make like 500 people and possibly more who are utterly lost in placebo land, extremely stubborn and obnoxious re examine themselves.

    There are people who spend $100,000 on audio amplifiers, $20,000 on speakre wire and yes, $5,000+ on POWER CABLE. :-/
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    I find more and more that cost is more to do with what people are willing to pay in order to *believe* they are buying a "better" product. The 10k system likely does have more thought and work behind it, but not 20x. I'd guess the only difference humans can notice between the two is a bit of reliability.
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    Yes but I was hoping for a really scientific, concrete answer.

    We already have a guy who offered $10,000 in blind testing if you could distinguish between amplifiers that have normal frequency response and no clipping and thousands of people have never done it. $10,000 amplifiers VS $500 amplifiers no one can give the correct answers consistently.

    There are people who refute this and say "oh, I could do it" or "but a $300 amplifier even? I don't believe it" yet the test has been performed on thousands of people.

    So I was hoping you brainiacs had some super scientific reasoning haha or maybe I was hoping for too much.

    I mean, these reviewers even go to the extent that a $10,000 speaker cable will vastly improve sound over $100 I mean hundreds and maybe even thousands of people who write articles for magazines praising XLRs, RCAs and amplifiers costing 5 figures with no proof it's a HUGE conspiracy.
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    The thing is you are never going to win an argument with one of these people anyway

    They are NEVER going to admit to their spending of $10 - $20K on a system is all just urban legend hype dreamed up by dubious manufacturers who just want to dredge out every last $$ out of their wallets

    these discussions over special blue capacitors instead of yellow ones, oxygen free speaker cables etc make me laugh every time I read them

    hopefully some one can give you some specifics to work with ... but like I said, some one who has spent a zillion bucks on his system is never going to look like a fool by admitting that it was a total waste of money

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    If you search google for MIT MI-330 Proline Shotgun interconnects & MH-750 Shotgun speaker cables you will find a stereophile.com review of these $1000 wiring with this quote:

    "Summing Up
    The MIT MI-330 Proline Shotgun interconnects and MI-750 Shotgun speaker cables are excellent if somewhat expensive products, and their performance in my Wadia/Levinson/Thiel system was superb. Without a doubt, they were a key piece of the best system I've had in my 20 years of listening. Substituting another cable, even a "mismatched" version of the same cable, degraded the system's performance enough to diminish the goosebump factor and make the listening experience a bit less engaging."

    Someone's got to get out the big guns and bust open this conspiracy wide open.

    If it's good enough, many, many people would reference the reasoning.
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