What is Wiring: Definition and 167 Discussions

Electrical wiring is an electrical installation of cabling and associated devices such as switches, distribution boards, sockets, and light fittings in a structure.
Wiring is subject to safety standards for design and installation. Allowable wire and cable types and sizes are specified according to the circuit operating voltage and electric current capability, with further restrictions on the environmental conditions, such as ambient temperature range, moisture levels, and exposure to sunlight and chemicals.
Associated circuit protection, control and distribution devices within a building's wiring system are subject to voltage, current and functional specification. Wiring safety codes vary by locality, country or region. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is attempting to harmonise wiring standards amongst member countries, but significant variations in design and installation requirements still exist.

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  1. E

    How Is a Power Recliner Wired for Multiple Functions?

    As far as I can tell there are three circuit states that control the recliner foot rest, raise it, lower it, and off. How is this wired, how does the switch function etc...? I assume the up and down switch flip the polarity across the motor, but that is all I can seem to reason out...
  2. N

    Why Does Changing Wire Gauge Affect Voltage and Current in a Generator?

    I am building a small generator. 12 - 5/8″ magnets rotating around 9 - 3/4″ diameter, 28-gauge copper enameled wire. Not under load, I am getting 50 volts at 1 amp. But when I increase the wire size to 24-gauge, I am getting 15 volts at .25 amps. I thought amps go up when volts go down.
  3. M

    Wiring plug to 3phase fan motor.

    Hellooo everyone and anyone I need help I've got the fan in the spraying oven died and I've got another outside.i need it so desperately and want to put a 3phase cord on it and a plug 3phase at the other end and plug it in and have it working just like that for today to finish these jobs. It's...
  4. F

    Electrical Load Cell Wiring Length Question

    I would like to weigh our pet parakeets. They are rather skittish, so the idea I came up with was to hack a digital scale so as to put the controls and display some distance from the scale. Then I would add a perch to the scale. When one of our birds lands on the scale, I could turn on the...
  5. R

    How are the connectors on the DC linear actuator utilized in wiring?

    A am working on a project that uses this 12V DC linear actuator. The actuator utilizes a magnetic coil and plunger inner design (I believe this is just a solenoid). This actuator will need to use both directions of movement for the project. In terms of wiring, what do the two female connectors...
  6. Grinkle

    Schematic capture / wiring diagram software

    It has been many years since I was an Orcad expert - way back in the DOS epoch. Once my job functions changed from design to other-than-design, I stopped using such software. I now have a need to do some design and some architectural level hook-up planning and I'm looking for free software to...
  7. C

    Wiring 3/4 HP Submersible Well Pump - Is #10 OK?

    3/4 hp submersible well pump with #12 wire at top of casing from pump. I had a senior moment and wired from the panel to the pressure switch and switch to top of casing with #10. I am thinking I am ok as long as the breaker never exceeds 20 amps. Just want to make sure. Thanks.
  8. J

    Electrical 1157 Incadscent to LED Wiring Instructions

    On older cars made in the 60's I believe flashers work as I drew it out but dropping resistors sold on Amazon are 6 ohm and it states that they go in parallel not to ground seems to me if you was going from high current draw incandescent bulbs to low draw LED one would put one resistor from lamp...
  9. Scottydntno

    How can I wire a bipolar stepper motor to switches for my laser engraver?

    Hello everyone, I currently bought a Z axis table for my laser engraver. I am trying to hook the stepper motor up separately. I currently have a 12v transformer, a capacitor, 2 push button switches and one 3 way switch along with the stepper motor. Is there any way I can wire the stepper to the...
  10. George Young

    Question About Wiring a Capacitor

    EDIT: I looked this up and I don't think you can do what I originally thought of. Instead, you can use switches. Not that complicated. I'd delete the thread but they don't usually like to let you do that. I just asked because I don't know much about capacitors and I thought I might learn...
  11. amare

    Where can I find a wiring diagram for this Toyota air throttle body?

    Where I find the wiring diagram for the throttle body in the link? https://www.eurofrance.pl/en_GB/p/Air-Throttle-Body-192300-2010-0R011-Toyota/65407?currency=PLN
  12. O

    Wiring a permanent split capacitor motor

    Greetings This query is regarding a 5 wire induction motor without a wiring diagram from a washing machine, one permanent capacitor, no centrifugal switch. here its 240v 50hz I would appreciate someone explaining how to actually figure out the connections after measuring the resistance of the...
  13. B

    Hard Wiring of Animal Behaviors

    I often hear that a certain behavior of an animal is "hard wired". I get the analogy, but what does that really mean in the brain? What two things are "wired" together and what is the actual "wire"? If a dog runs after a squirrel (dogs are of course "hard wired" to chase squirrels), are his eyes...
  14. Peter McBride

    AC Single phase stator wiring help

    This stator is out of a Wisconsin VG4D gas motor. Both black leads go to a rectifier. Red and white leads go to a regulator. White lead pigtail goes to ammeter gauge and on to battery. I need to rewind but for the life of me I can't figure out how to connect the winding to the 4 leads coming...
  15. C

    High AC Magnetic EMF Emanation - House Wiring Puzzle

    Hi, please see attached image below. Do you know why the indicated outlet, out of everything in this mess of a circuit, has particularly high AC Magnetic EMF emanation? The wiring inside the outlet box looks normal and standard (2 neutrals on left, 2 hots on right, grounded correctly, no ground...
  16. G

    Electrical Flourescent light ballast wiring

    Ok very much amateur here, appreciate any advice. So, the guy at home depot suggested the ballast was the reason my flourescent kitchen light goes out occasionally. The light worked well for the first 3 years of ownership. Now, it doesn't buzz or flicker, it just occasionally doesn't work...
  17. K

    I What is the Role of Superconductors in Lossless Wiring and Power Transmission?

    Zero resistance in wiring seems to be the technology in the future. Any resistance in the transmission wiring acts like loads so it's like the current wastes itself on the resistances in the wiring and heat that occurs. So lossless wiring seems to be the ultimate goal. In Large Hadron Collider...
  18. A

    Can anyone see anything wrong with this wiring schematic?

    Good Afternoon, I am building this battery pack with 64 aa cells (QU1500 AA) It is split in a series parallel configuration. Each series string has a Diode and a fuse. When I perform the diode test (add the OVC 50.4V plus 0.5V to the circuit) the fuse keeps blowing? I have looked at this for a...
  19. E

    Use of pigtails for wiring outlets

    I read in an old thread that backstabbing an outlet is now discouraged, and that one should use pigtails. I also read that putting more than one wire under a screw is also dangerous/risky and therefore not advised. I have a few questions and hope everyone will indulge me. In wiring an outlet...
  20. H

    Haynes manual wiring schematic is confusing the....

    hell out of me :( please help: I have a Haynes manual for my motorbike and am trying to make sense of the wiring diagram but it's really annoying me why there are no legends apart from the wiring, no explanations of the tables etc, Every paragraph is referring to the image directly above it...
  21. M

    Powering an LED strip with a 12v battery

    Hi, I want to run a cheap 5 meter led strip along the inside of my boat for cool night lighting. It will be powered by a 12v deep cycle battery. I was hoping y'all could double check what I was thinking before I set something on fire... Here is the led strip...
  22. JaWa

    Optimal 13S2P Battery Pack Wiring & BMS Setup/Configuration?

    Like the title says, I'm Building a 13S2P battery pack. I'm trying to figure out how to wire it most safely and efficiently. It's been a long time since I've build a custom pack of this size & as I'm using $220 worth of 60A 3.7V 26650's, I'd like it to not explode, short, or go bad anytime...
  23. G

    LED Strip Wiring: Can I Directly Connect 20A 5V DC?

    Hi, I want to buy 5 meter 60 LEDs/m LED strip here and this is the recommended circuit. The strip needs 5V. In their description they say 60 LED is 18W so I need 20A DC power supply. Can I send 20A 5V DC directly in the strip? Will it fry the strip? Also, for the ground wiring, is this where...
  24. D

    Can I extend my water pump's wiring to control it remotely?

    Good afternoon Wizards, (there are some really smart people here!) I have wired up my 1 hp water pump with #12-2 wire w/ground on 220 volts right at 400 feet. It registers the correct voltage and amperage at the pump. According to the wiring chart that came with the pump, I think I'm at the...
  25. S

    Question about 120,000 BTU Furnace Wiring.

    I am wiring a new 120,000 BTU furnace. The old furnace I wired with 14 gauge wire going from fused switch to the inside of the furnace wired to the furnace panel. This new furnace has 16 gauge wire going from the inside furnace panel to an electric box on the side on the inside of the furnace...
  26. mbewley59

    Sealing a wiring port to withstand water at 130+ psi?

    Hey everyone- I'm designing an ROV thruster which, for starters, will operate down to a depth of 300 feet. My problem is that I can't find any information regarding an electrical port which can pass through the hull out into the pressurized atmosphere without leaking. This will be a 12v system...
  27. Matt2623478600

    Can I Use AC to Power DC LED Light Bars for Stage Production?

    I need guidance in the explanation of utilizing LED light bars for a different function then designed. I do stage production, sound and lights for concerts and would like to adapt these LED light bars to "blind" to crowd. My issue is that each light bar operates 12-30 Volts DC @ 300 Watts. In...
  28. R

    How can I rewire my air conditioning unit and fix a faulty capacitor?

    was given a frigidaire air conditioning unit wiring has all been disconnected before I could look at it and I'm pretty sure the capacitor is bad I want to know how to re hook the wires up and how to make a workaround for the capacitor
  29. K

    Optimizing Circuit Design: Voltage Range, Internal Resistance, and Wire Sizing

    Hi all. In a project I'm working on I'm needing to model a DC circuit to find the required power sources/storage to keep the system voltages up to a sufficient level. There's a solar cell array, a reversible fuel cell stack, various DC "appliance" loads, and wire runs with resistances. I dug...
  30. M

    Need help with wiring motors in series and in parallel

    Hello, I'm working on my kids ride on cars. He has two of them. On the first it was 6V and came with one motor on one wheel. I updated it to 2 motors, one on each wheel and 12Volts. I put in a DPDT switch so he could select high and low. On high the motors are run in parallel and on low they...
  31. M

    Splitting 12V high current DC wire

    A large number (56) of 18 gauge-ish connection pins are presented by the connector. They are wired together in large groups on the "client" side of the connector (4 electrodes). We wish to re wire these groups together and then split them off into 24x 18 AWG a few feet removed from the...
  32. kolleamm

    Wiring a capacitance sensor to a controller

    I'm trying to make a simple capacitance sensor to use with my controller. Do I need two resistors? And where do I place them? I drew a circuit diagram of what I'm thinking so far.
  33. Simon Clement

    Learn How to Draw a Schematic Diagram for Home Wiring System

    I can't find any good information on the net about how to draw the schematic diagram for wiring the light, fan and socket system of a house. Please, I'm first year university electrical engineering student with little knowledge on drawing even schematic diagrams. I would really love to know...
  34. Majorana

    Length of wiring and firing switches: myth or truth?....

    Tom Clancy's first novels were known for being fairly accurate from a technical/scientific point of view. That doesn't mean that they were 100% accurate, of course, but the author reportedly had some really good insider sources and knew what to ask them. I remember to have read the same thing...
  35. PhiowPhi

    Wiring functioning prior to fusing?

    I have a wire of a certain volume, the fuse current is rated at 82A(18AWG wire), can the wire still function normally at 70-75A continuously? I understand that at 82A the wire will melt, but can it still function normally at 75A? The resistance of the wire is about 0.042 ohms, just wanted to see...
  36. C

    Understanding Inputs and Outputs for Specific Project

    << Mentor Note -- Please read to the end of this thread -- important information about AC Mains connected projects is discussed >> Hello everyone, I am an electrical engineering student (though in the very beginner stage of it), and I could really use some help with understanding inputs and...
  37. E

    Is there a difference between wiring methods for AGM deep cycle solar batteries?

    Good day, When dealing with AGM deep cycle solar batteries, is there a difference between the following two wiring methods? By the way, I found these pictures online but they describe the two scenarios Basically the two are almost identical but on one you are grabbing your positive and...
  38. S

    Designing House Wiring & Digital Diagram App

    I want guideline to design house wiring. Also need an application by which the design diagram can be digitized.
  39. L

    Why are DC generator loops wired in a non-traditional manner?

    Given a simple DC generator with a single loop in the presence of a magnetic field such as the one below, typically, the analysis involves how each rectangular loop's terminal ends up on opposite sides of an armature housing each of the coils. The analysis is fairly straightforward to then...
  40. B

    How to keep circuit wiring cool so not to distort results

    Homework Statement A student is calculating the resistance of a piece of fuse wire. He takes 5 readings on the voltmeter and ammeter for different settings of a variable resistor. He wants to avoid heating effects in the wire. How would he do this? Homework Equations V=IR The Attempt at a...
  41. PetePetePete

    Basic Wiring Help: Learn How to Wire an Instrument

    Hi, I have an electrical instrument which needs a 12V feed. I have 2 power systems, and I want to select between them using an On-Off-On switch. I presume an SPDT is appropriate? I need to run the feed to the instrument through a 3A circuit breaker. Please could someone explain how I...
  42. C

    Is a Hermaphroditic 4-Pin Connector Available for Electrical Connections?

    I have been trying, with no luck, to find a genderless keyless power connector for a project I am doing. The connector needs to function similar to a Macbook's magnetic power plug which can function both right side up and upside down. so 4 pins, (2 hot pins in the middle, and 2 ground pins on...
  43. D

    Alarm Clock & Wiring: Is It Possible?

    Hey All. I want to throw this out there to someone knowledgeable and hopefully I can find my answer here. I had a spat with my downstairs neighbor whose room is below mine. He's been doing things like turning up the TV loud or banging beneath my bed in the middle of the night, etc. One thing...
  44. S

    Can Two Control Signals Be Safely Connected to a Single Phase Contactor Coil?

    If I have a contactor that I want to use with two separate control sources, on a site with a single phase power source, is it possible to connect two 120V control signals to the contactor coil, potentially live at the same time and connected to the same source, without causing a short, or...
  45. A

    Guide to Wiring 6 LED Bulbs in One Switch for 220V AC - Expert Tips

    wire 6(3 watts)led bulbs in one switch for home 220v AC is it possible?
  46. Salvador

    What Is the Best Wiring Method for My Custom LED Cube Lamp?

    Ok, so please folks could you advise me which way would be better. I've given a job to build a LED light.the light is a cube shaped lamp which i built myself and put all the diodes in , and now I have to think which way of wiring them would be the best.basically I have 98 red colored 3w led's...
  47. S

    Is Cloth-Covered Wire an Effective Insulator for High Voltage Experiments?

    Hi, I was conducting an experiment under high voltage and the plastic insulation of my wire started melting, so I'm looking for an alternative insulation. The wire used needs to be insulated to prevent short-circuit. May I know if cloth-covered wirings are only insulated with cloth, or with a...
  48. B

    How to Safely Wire a Chain Hoist for 480V Operation - Tips and Instructions

    Hi, I have a chain hoist that I am trying to wire so that it'll run off of 480V. The pictures below show the hoist/motor's technical specs, and what type of system it is. So now my question is this. How do I wire a plug for this system, so that I can run it? What plug type will I need...
  49. M

    Troubleshooting a 350 Ohm Strain Gauge Installation

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me out with this one. I am installing a 350 ohm strain gauge as shown in attached figure. I am expecting to see 350ohm value between terminal 1 and 2. I have checked the values for the following terminals. 1) 5 & 6 = 350ohm (PASS) 2) 3 & 4= 350ohm...