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B Can there be an equation for coins?

  1. Oct 23, 2015 #1
    i was wondering if there was a way to put as an equation form: after a blank planchet(a blank coin) is struck with a press machine, that holds the dies(die is what creates the images on blank coins, heads=observe + tails=reverse). after it is struck is what i want in equation form. speaking of the vibration. where do they go?
    with more than two hundred pounds per pressure and 10,000 coins per hour or it might be closer to 100 coins per minute, it has to make some kind of marks somewhere.
    so can you tell me if i am wrong and can create some kind of an equation please, and thank you for giving me this chance to ask you all my problem.
    P.S. i am a bad speller. lol
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    What is the equation supposed to describe?
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    well I am trying to show that the vibrations or waves travel back through the die after striking the planchet (blank coin) and leaving imprints on the press. in both directions (heads and tails).
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    Do you want an equation that describes the rate of damage to the die press? It sounds like a Poisson process. You might try https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poisson_process
    Not sure what you are trying to accomplish here. Is this just peculiar interest of yours?
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    yes damage to the press, it is possible correct?
    I am trying to prove a theory of mine but I know nothing about how to explain it to anyone, as I am self-taught. the understanding of what you all call physics is some what natural to me but would not be able to have a conversation with anyone else about it because I know nothing about what you all know, taught or learned. reasons being not knowing book knowledge of how its being taught(speaking of the lingo, I have my own and the simplest ways of explanations. example: the thing going through the center of that thing and ending over to the other thing). Of course I am not saying it out loud, I can say my mind is explaining it me how something works and also teaching myself.

    p.s. if none of this makes any sense please ignore it, thank you. I have already been through a lot with these coin collectors that do not understand me and been ban out of two c--n forums for what I am claiming. if anyone is interested of any part of it let me know. my claims are very big and could change everything about how they think about U.S. coins(in my theory i mention it affects every coin ever made with press machine). when i add my part of the equation to there unfinished equation i come up with different results that make a lot more sense and can actually explain unanswered questions they do not know. because no one believes me as i am having a hard time explaining it to them, its been 15 months when i began.

    I have been through the worst parts of it as they all know me and have them talking but no one see's it yet. i almost have the coins to prove it, lol. if i am right this will be the biggest discovery ever as i see and have predicted of what is to come of coins in the future.

    WARNING: there is a lot of experts involved and not to mention these are u.s.a. coins.....i say they are wrong!!!!
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    Thread locked for moderation.
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